Challenge 3: Swap unhealthy for healthy

Swap unhealthy for healthySwaps are simple to achieve and can all add up to make a big difference to your health. You can start with making sensible swaps like choosing fresh foods that are naturally lower in fat and higher in essential nutrients, you’ll be giving your body the kick start it needs for a healthy makeover that will have you looking good and feeling great.

  • Swap full-cream yoghurt for low-fat natural yoghurt and add your own fruit.
  • Swap soft drinks for plain water, soda water or mineral water and add a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange juice for flavour.
  • Swap a side of chips for a side of salad.
  • Swap a creamy salad dressing for lime juice and herbs or balsamic vinegar.
  • Swap white bread for wholegrain varieties.
  • Swap a handful of lollies for a handful of unsalted nuts, dried fruit or berries.
  • Swap high fat crackers and dips for vegie sticks or water crackers with salsa.

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