The Lunch Box Challenge

The ‘Bring a Healthy Lunch Box to Work’ Challenge is a fun, team building activity that will motivate you and your workmates to pack a healthier lunch box everyday by increasing your intake of vegetables; swapping unhealthy for healthy, such as swapping sugary drinks for tap water; and having a waste-free lunch.

The Challenge encourages you to bring a healthy lunch box to work for five days. You can select up to four Challenges, and by reporting your progress everyday you will receive points that go towards winning some fabulous prizes.

Once you have registered and chosen your challenges you will receive motivational emails with practical tips on how to increase vegetable serves, ideas, recipes and fun facts to help you maintain your commitment.

How to Participate

  1. Your organisation will need to register at helpp@flinders.edu.au
  2. Contact your key person.
  3. Sign up & form a team of 2-4.
  4. Choose your challenges.
  5. Record your progress everyday.
  6. Prizes will be awarded to the highest scoring team.